Crave Joint 183 Upton Lane, London E7 9PJ


All Your Cravings In One Box

Don't let the box fool you, all of our food is fresh and super tasty. Don't believe us? Order now and see for yourself.

Everything on the menu is Halal

Yes, you read that right! All the food on our menu is Halal

Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday 
 3PM - 11PM
Friday - Saturday 
 3PM - 1AM
 3PM - 11PM


After hearing about this place from many friends and family we decided to try this place out, me and a few friends decided to finally visit Crave Joint. I must say I was amazed with the quality Masha’Allah! The portion was really good and the food was very flavorsome. I loved the smash burger! I really liked how amazing it looked in the black CJ box. It was very Instagram and Snapchat worthy lol Guys, definitely give the place a try! I would 100% revisit if I’m in the area. - Mohammad
Such great food I had after a long time. I don’t usually get takeouts as I like to cook at home but this food was above and beyond my standards. Everything was so nice and hot, even after a 30 minutes drive home. The flavours were good, fresh and different. They don’t usually do this specific box meal but the shop went out their way to do this for me. They have a variety of stuff to choose from. I highly recommend this place for anyone who likes gourmet food. Fantastic work! Will definitely be coming again soon. - Fami
I have to say this place is definitely a hidden gem. We ordered the crave box which came with a variety of different things that were ALL delicious. All of the food was packed into a nice box with utensils which made it easy to park up somewhere and eat (mess free!). The red doner was my favourite. We also tried all of their mojito drinks which were all really nice too. I highly recommend this place. - Eny